Welcoming New Members!

There Must Be Twenty Ways
To Be New Gal Friendly!

Just wear name tags, Madge.
Invite her, and offer her a ride, Adelide.
Introduce her, Juce.
Sit near her, Jennifer.
Use small groups to discuss, Gus.
Pair up for personal prayer, Cher.
Stay focused on mission goals, Lo.
Develop a bank of gifts, Biff.
A talent bank, too, Lou.
Do mission projects with your hands, Blanche.
Call Anita for help with planning, Jan.
Share Quarterlies with others, mothers.
Try things a different way, Jae.
Evaluate every year, Guinivere.
Publicize Mission Grants, Fran.
Pray, Pray, Pray, Faye.
Be kind and explain, Shane.
Love each one, Hon.
Be a friend, Gwen.
Show you're enthused, Suze!

There must be at least 20 ways to "Be New Gal Friendly"!
See how many more ways you can discover at your next
Lutheran Women's Missionary League Gathering!

Inspiring Ideas

Inspiring Ideas:
Try One Today!

New Brides
Have a recipe shower at a meeting. Visit the new bride and give her the recipes and a copy of Marriage Matters and/or She Said...He Said, from the LWML Catalog.

Mothers of New Babies
Present mothers with Lead Me, Lord, through...Motherhood. Present the new baby with an LWML bear.

Small Bible Study Groups
Care and share around the Word
Young Mothers: Provide babysitter for a morning out study
Working Women: Half hour Bible study at Noon. Provide drinks
Prayer and Praise:  7:00-7:30 a.m. for working women

Visitors Packet
Packet of LWML materials given to welcome each visitor at an LWML meeting.
Packet could be: File Folder – Decorated Manila Envelope – Zip Lock Bag
Contents: LWML Brochure, Mustard Seed, Society Program Booklet, list of national and district mission grants, Lutheran Woman's Quarterly, district publication, handwritten note of thanks for being a guest, small LWML memento such as  a LWML magnet, window cling, pen, pencil, candy, post-it notes.

Fellowship is Fun
Want to add a little spice to your meetings? Suggest that everyone bring the same object to the meeting. For example, everyone could bring a cross, a teacup, a hat. Then each woman explains her item, where it came from, what special significance it has...etc.  Or have everyone bring ten pennies. At the beginning of the meeting explain that a certain word (can’t, won’t, no) is forbidden during the meeting. If someone is caught using the word, she must forfeit a penny to the person who caught her. At the end of the meeting, the one with the most pennies gets a small prize and all the pennies go to mites!

Each woman in the congregation will not be involved in every aspect of the LWML. Accept her where she is - but continue to challenge and share with her the various areas of LWML.

Energizing Members

The VERY, VERY BEST METHOD to encourage LWML membership is to:
Personally care about each woman in the congregation as Jesus cares for her.
Get to know her, be interested in her, share with her, be enthusiastic about LWML,
and encourage her to become involved in some aspect of LWML with you.


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