Mite Devotions


Does your Mite box get hungry – a lot?

The Mission Outreach Committee is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to remind us to feed our mite containers. 
Yes, we do sometimes need to have catchy ways to interest others in giving to mites. One of the best ways I have found of filling
Mite boxes is DISCIPLINE. This discipline is seen through generations of families who have followed the example (Luke 11: 7)
of the older generations prayerfully placing coins into a box for use in God’s church.

According to Hebrews 5: 10-12, how are we to be in our discipline? It is this kind of discipline that helped meet the national mite
goal – one that seemed impossible to meet. We have witnessed that, with God’s help, as we focus on His will, anything can
be accomplished. Using the traveling Mite Can is a very handy way of feeding my mites more regularly.

How is your “Neighbor” connectedness?

For those who have to stay closer to home, our service to the Lord in evangelism is right under our noses. Think back on a time
where you had an opportunity to share something from your spiritual journey with another, but failed to act. Read the parable of the
Good Samaritan in Luke 25: 30-37. What might you be able to do when your next opportunity presents itself? Are you always so busy
that you do not have time to show needed love and concern for your fellow man? Do you fail to act out of fear? What does Matthew 10: 28 warn against?

This same Jesus who forgives us for times when we have failed to help our neighbor is the Savior of all people. By taking action you
 may some day be God’s voice to tell the good news of salvation that will make aneternal difference in someone’s life.

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