Gospel Outreach

Are you "Mission Minded"?

At the beginning of each new day, ask God how you can serve Him. Mission mindedness is God-centered thought in all we do and say to those we meet each and every day of our lives. How do you serve Him with your life? In Exodus 25: 2b, what does a believer’s heart prompt him to do? Are you more concerned about your own comforts and schedules than you are with those who are in the mission field around you? According to Micah 6: 8, what does God require of His obedient children?

How can your future plans help spread the Gospel?

Are you planning your bequests for after you have left this world? Consider writing into your will money for the work of the church, in particular, the LWML’s mission grant goal. If we are going to be generous supporters of missions, we should consider doing it even in our death. The resources we leave behind can continue to do the work God intends for them to do. In 1 Peter 1: 4, what is the true inheritance that we all could help others receive?

Does your church support a missionary?

In Luke 10: 1-7 we read how Jesus sent out the 72 to prepare the people to receive the Gospel. We, too, have sent out the “72”,placing them in areas where they do not always have the support of believers to provide the daily needs to sustain life. We must help them in order for them to do the work set out before them. Consider having your congregation adopt a missionary family. In this way, the people of your church can help meet their needs and develop a more intimate connection with them. Involve your Sunday School. Hold a congregational mission fair to share the culture, cuisine, and customs of your missionary’s country.


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