Special Thanks!               

On behalf of Gifts For All God's Children, East Bethlehem and the Connecting Kids to Christ Center, we would like to offer our prayers of thanks with our blessed hope for a happy New Year for the LWML staff, workers and donors.  Your grant of $25,000 gave many children a connection to Christ and many lay people a vision of the call the Lord had on their lives.

The grant LWML awarded us allowed our organization to set up the Connecting Kids to Christ (CKC)  Center, but that's not all.  As the program progressed, the Almighty gave us a vision to have children meet together with other Christian peers and adults for more than just Sunday school and monthly year around events.  We were able to open a Connecting Kids to Christ tutoring program two days a week, after school.  Since this tutoring program is an outgrowth of the CKC Center, the mission remains the same:  to connect kids to Christ.  Therefore, our tutoring program begins with bible study and then goes into academics. These children are now in the church facility (where our CKC Center is housed) and studying the bible three days a week.  

We wanted to share with you the outreach that the LWML grant provided to the children who are becoming part of God's kingdom.  Attached are some of the pictures of our newest program that is carried out in the CKC Center at East Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  I hope you can share them with the grant team and pass along our continued thanks for such a valuable gift for such a time as this.

The first set of pictures include our Thursday tutors, children and some pix from the computer lab.  The second set of pictures include some of our Tuesday tutors and children.  The children come both days.  We have more tutors than shown in the photos and almost 30 subs.  That is a total of 45 new volunteers since September of 2016!  We give God the glory.

Susan Gawencki
GFAGC and CKC Center Grant Procurement Director


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